New beginnings call for a life update blog post! Yay!

Heyyyyyy guys! Ahhhh man it feels so good to be back, for good this time with an incredible life update. So much has happened these past 2 months and this post is where I’ll be updating you on EVERYTHAAAANG.

First things first

Let’s get straight to the point and drop the biggest news I’ve “basically” been keeping to myself and haven’t officially announced (except on my personal Facebook page and to those very close to me). I have resigned from my corporate job after many months of contemplating. I must be honest. It’s something I’ve thought about for longer than many months. I just never thought it would be so soon. I had so many plans and wanted to do so much still. But here we are. Here I am 😉 happy, I have no regrets, realigned with the path I’m meant to be on. I’ve found my purpose and already on a journey I’ve dreamt of since I was in high school.


I celebrated the last year of being in my twenties. It’s official, I have less than a year to go before I turn 30…0_0 But let’s focus on me being 29 right now haha. My weekend was filled with so many pretty pink blessings, heart warming messages and calls, the people I love (some in spirit and some physically there) and lots of sweet treats. I am truly blessed and grateful, God has spared me for 29 years (that’s incredible) and His gift to me was setting me on the path He has prepared for me all these years. OKAY! More about this exciting path in the next few paragraphs…

The BIG news!

I’VE STARTED MY OWN FREAKING BRAND, like WHAT!? Typing this out, literally feels like a dream. I have been dreaming about having my own business/company/brand (whichever you prefer to call it) for like ever and I am literally living in this dream right now. From starting a blog to Co-Founding a part-time business in 2020 to now registering my own small business as a FULL-TIME BUSINESS OWNER (typing it in caps cause like WHAT, I still can’t believe it), my entrepreneurial journey is in full swing and it wasn’t easy settling on the risky decision but I was never going to argue with God’s timing and His clear answer to me. Also, His timing couldn’t have come at a better time. I was just so over the corporate world, I was ready to leave my 9-5 and work 24/7 😛

In a nutshell, that’s what I’ve been up to lately (that and freelancing a few Social Media projects), it’s one of the main reasons I’ve taken time off from social media and why I’ve been so busy busy busy. I’m SO excited to learn more, to meet new people, to collaborate and to work on all my passions that really give my life purpose for the rest of my life. For real this time, there’s going to be so much content coming your way. My camera actually arrived this week (Yay! Celebrating this small win right now, it’s actually a very big one for me because I’ve been wanting to invest in proper content creation gear for years now) and I’ve got sooooooooo much planned from Instagram to Tik Tok to YouTube, I am just sooooo excited to create, to share and to inspire!

What’s happening in your world? Hit me up with a life update!

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