For a while, I’ve been hoping that an option to add multiple URLs/website links to an Instagram bio would be made available to us but we’re still living in an era where we can only add one. The blogging industry is such a difficult one to be part of because there are so many amazing bloggers out there (who have in fact worked hard to grow their followings) that have a huge following and receive huge amounts of traffic to their blogs daily.

For an aspiring blogger, it’s difficult to receive half the amount of traffic over a longer period of time compared to bloggers who are already successful and working on their blogs full time.

So in order for us to showcase more than one blog post/any other post you need to generate traffic to is quite important! I found this tool called Linktree one day while I was scrolling through some of my favourite feeds on IG. I was so excited when I found it cause I knew this would help me generate more traffic to various places I wanted my audience to go to.

What I like about Linktree is that it showcases your IG profile photo (as you need to signup using your IG account) when clicking on the link. This allows you to own it and lets your audience know it’s your brand. There are also stats on how many times a link has been clicked on from your bio (this way you’ll be able to determine how many people have viewed your content).

You can also customise the colour of your link buttons – on the free version, there are only a few colours available but if you purchase the pro version you’ll be able to customise it to whatever colour you desire (which is also NB for when it comes to branding). You can add an unlimited amount of links to your Linktree but keep in mind that over adding might lessen your chances of click-throughs, people don’t want to scroll through endless amounts of links to find the ones you’re marketing and talking about.

Always add the most relevant one, the one you’re talking about and the one you want more traffic to, to the top of your list. Try to keep it to a maximum amount of 4 or 5 links at a time, if you can choose 3 that’s even better! You don’t want your audience scrolling through a million options and not clicking on any of them. Less is more 😉


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