Dec 6, 2017

With Christmas approaching QUICK FAST I wanted to share a couple of my faaaavvvourite Christmas movies with you guys! (That you’ve probably watched a thousand times just like I have and we’ll probably watch it another thousand times haha).

1. T H E  G R I N C H 

Christmas movie 1 | The Grinch

I’m sure you’re not surprised by this one, it’s on everyone’s favourite Christmas movie list. It’s just so heart warming thinking about the time I was growing up, on school holidays, watching the Grinch every single morning. Ahhhh how I wish I could have those days back!

2. H O M E  A L O N E

Christmas movie 2 | Home Alone

I used to feel like I was literally part of the movie. Contemplating in my mind what I would do if I were that little boy…hmmm I think I even had a dream about it (strange that I still remember something like that).

3. T H E  C H R I S T M A S  C A R O L

Christmas movie 3 | A Christmas Carol

Ahhhhh definitely one I love watching over and over again. Surprisingly I always feel sorry for the old man every time I watch it even though I know how it ends. It feels so real! This one is definitely one of my top favourites.

4. B A R B I E  I N  T H E  N U T C R A C K E R

Christmas movie 4 | Barbie in the Nutcracker

So I’m not entirely sure if this one is classified as an actual Christmas movie but I remember every Christmas holiday this would be the movie we would watch. I’m such a huge Barbie movie fan (blush* something no one really knows about me) but it just makes me feel like a little girl again! Definitely something I’m looking forward to one day when we have kids!

5. T H E  P O L A R  E X P R E S S

Christmas movie 5 | The Polar Express

I’m a huge Tom Hanks fan. So any movie with him in I just absolutely LOVE. This was just a bonus because it’s a Christmas movie. I love the fact that this move is so imaginative, it brings out your inner child every single time.

6. T H E  H O L I D A Y 

Christmas movie 6 | The Holiday

Ahhh which girl doesn’t love a chick flick?? This rom-com is such a fun girly movie. Popcorn, PJs, some speckled eggs and you’re ready to press play!


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