Feb 5, 2018

I received COLOURPOP cosmetics the TAKE ME HOME palette and the LUMIÈR 2 Ultra Matte Lip from Beauty and the Blush SA. Founded by two passionate #BOSSGirls, the newly established South African cosmetic company imports all our favourite makeup brands so that we don’t have to worry about shipping and customs! #BOOM thanks ladies!

I’ve seen a lot of social media posts about COLOURPOP cosmetics but never really checked it out (obviously cause I knew I couldn’t get it here in SA – well so I thought – as it recently launched – and we’re normally delayed with MOST cosmetic products). So I was really excited to be one of the firsts in SA to experience what the hype is all about.

The day I received my two products I just had to at least open it, smell it and touch it! Which I obviously did, I already knew that it was super amazing after feeling the textures (THE QUALITY though!).

The TAKE ME HOME mini 6 pan eyeshadow palette is super creamy and buttery. It’s warm-tones and metallic finishes are perfect for your everyday makeup look. The gold glitter is by far my favourite from this palette. I love how easily the product sticks to my makeup brush and how soft and buttery it feels when I apply it. There’s no need for me to use a lot of product to make it visible on my eyes because it’s sooooo pigmented.

I applied my eyeshadow at 10 o clock on Saturday morning and at 8 o clock that night it was as if I just applied it! No annoying creases or fading! What I also love about it is the size of the palette, it’s small enough to fit in your little sling bag (you know those, you take on a night out so you don’t have to worry about a normal size handbag – yup, it fits in a small bag like that! So it’s perfect to carry around for touch ups – which isn’t even necessary).

From left to right – Bitter Better, Popular Demand, Salt Water, French Kiss, Side Tracked, Issues.

The LUMIÈRE 2 Ultra Matte Lip liquid is by far the best matte lip product I’ve ever used. I’m not the biggest fan of matte lips for myself but I’ve recently experimented with a few products and I’ve started loving it! I have however not found the perfect one until now. This matte lip liquid is bold and beautiful (see what I did there haha) ok but seriously, it applies smoothly and dries to give you that super matte look! At first it didn’t even cross my mind that it wouldn’t come off after I’ve eaten something because most lipsticks/lip liquids, yes even matte ones, come off after you’ve eaten. This one…not at all! I struggled to actually remove it lol a wet wipe accompanied by some elbow grease was the only thing that helped!

I’ve really fallen in love with COLOURPOP and it’s set the bar really high for all the other makeup brands out there it’s CRUELY FREE and VEGAN friendly too! Beauty and the Blush SA have really made it so easy for us (makeup artist or just makeup junkie) to purchase our favourite international makeup brands without any hassles! Check them out on Facebook and Instagram to get your hands on these AMAZING products and so much more!

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