Instagram recently launched two new features that I’ve come across to make it easier for 1, someone who would like to become a new follower and 2, for us to reply quickly to our direct messages! In my previous post I shared a helpful tool I use to generate traffic to my website and in today’s post, I’ll be chatting about what those features are, their correct terms and how to set them up.

Instagram Nametag

Many of you may have noticed that a lot of people shared a scannable tag on their stories, their feed or other social channels with emojis, selfies or a background colour on them. This is known as the ‘Nametag’. A Nametag allows potential followers to follow you easier, it enables your audience on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to follow you on Instagram without a fuss. Think of it as a “QR code”. According to businesses can even use it on posters, bills and merchandise! I’m totally having my first t-shirt printed with this one as we speak! #thesocialunicorn #JAHoodies

This is how you create one:

Instagram ‘Quick Replies’

Another, really cool and helpful feature IG launched was their Quick Replies feature for Business accounts. This makes it easier for bloggers and businesses in particular, to improve their response time. Facebook has had this feature for years! I’m super excited to see that they’ve finally made it available on IG. Thanks Instagram for finding a solution to our DM problems (haha). You’ll find it under your Business settings.


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