Mar 12, 2018

I started using the Nivea fresh protect body deodorizer only recently but wow it packs quiet a punch hey! Like immediately noticed a difference…I used the Energy variant first in the morning before work and BOOM felt like I really had some energy. The cold spray which landed under my arms was unexpected; the fresh cold spray so early in the morning while being half asleep woke me up quicker than the usual cup of coffee.

This product really works well; I could feel a huge difference from using it. I feel fresh; smell fresh, the sweat kinda goes into hibernation for the day, even on the hot days!

I like the fact that you spray in the morning and it lasts the entire day- I have literally not experienced this before. Normally I sweat quite a bit, this product helps with that. I am really happy that there is actually a product out there that finally lives up to its statement “all day long odour control with just 1 use” “No need to reapply during the day”. Well done Nivea, well done.

The next variant I wanted to test was the Intense variant and decided to do this one morning before I went to gym, smashed through that gym session but clearly the spray worked even harder than my leg session (and if you gym you know the sweat and brutality of a proper leg work out). I can’t believe that when I was done, it didn’t even smell like I went to gym lol.  On top of that I smelt lekka frash.

I don’t have any interesting story for the Cool Kick variant, but it definitely is my favourite smell. It’s nice that the fresh aroma of these products are there to keep you smelling clean and fresh but it’s also not too powerful to clash with the normal cologne that we tend to use on a daily basis.

Another bonus point with this new range is that the technology which was used to create it uses no gas! That must be the reason for such an incredible smell?

The build-up and morning of my wedding the Sprint spray was used, I found it appropriate to use this as I was expecting a run around day and that morning really proved that to be true!

This product did however help me a lot, the most nerve racking times of that day where sweat was sure to follow this spray kicked in and helped me along.

During my patient wait at the alter (for about 20 minutes after the ceremony was scheduled to start :0) I was getting nervous, my best man was talking so much nonsense to me which wasn’t helping me lol “oh she isn’t coming”, “Oh you can still run away”, “this is your last chance” I was building up a sweat. But under my arms, I was as fresh as ever.

It was really an awesome experience to have little to no sweat for that day (not as much as my wedding but a close 2nd). Smelling fresh for all the photos and dancing which took place the evening was really a bonus point too. Without using this product that day I clearly would have needed a second shirt lol.

Overall this is a really good product and definitely deserves a repeat purchase repeat purchase (yes I repeated that on purpose). This product states it has over 500 sprays in each bottle and lasts 5 X longer than the normal deodorants out there. I haven’t been able to use it finished just yet to confirm this, but what I do know is everything else they have said about it is very true. So without a doubt I can believe this to be true too! The fact that the technology used is gas free and delivers a targeted application is great so there is no waste. Another way they ensuring the product will last longer for you!

One can pick up this spray for only R44.99, and it is worth every cent. On the plus side with an R 50 note you can buy this and a little treat for yourself too! #BOOM #Winning #NIVEAMENLevels #Levels #Rubybox #manbox #freshfordaaaays

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