Hey guys! So I’ve finally decided to start writing about fashion and what better to start off with than winter wardrobe essentials? The only reason I haven’t thus far is that I have expensive taste and haven’t really invested a lot in fashion since the wedding planning started! But now that it’s 2018 and the wedding planning is over I’d like to use this topic as an excuse every time I need to buy new clothes when I set foot in a mall (haha I bet Darren will have a lot to say about this one – although he surprises me every time and supports my spending decisions when I say it’s for the blog).

Anyway, let’s get started. Now that winter has arrived in South Africa, I’m going to share 5 winter wardrobe essentials that I think you should have in your closet and I’ll also share an idea on how to style them. Please feel free to pin this to your Pinterest style board to read at a later stage ;).

1. White Button-Up Shirt

One of the most valuable winter essentials has to be the white button-up shirt. It can be casual, yet elegant at the same time. It’s super versatile as you’re able to style it with pretty much anything! I’ve got mine in my Mr.Price online shopping basket. Ready for CHECKOUT!


Style | White Button Up Shirt

by Thesocialunicorn
2. Trench Coat

The Trench Coat is another elegant and sophisticated piece you need in your winter closet collection. A little word of advice on this one though, spend that extra penny on it. It’s all about quality over quantity when we’re talking about trench coats. Darren bought one for me last year winter from Forever New and I’ve worn it twice. Trust me, it’s totally worth the price tag! Nothing feels and looks better on you than a good quality trench coat. Besides, it’ll last you forever!


Style | Trench Coat

by Thesocialunicorn
3. Knitwear

My favourite thing about knitwear or jersey’s is that it’s super snug and laid back. I’m sure that’s everyone’s LOVE about them. I’m a huge fan of the oversized knits, you can pair it with some skinny jeans and a nice pair of sneakers as I’ve suggested below or even with leggings and a pair of ugg boots (yup them ugly boots that all us girly girls love). You can also dress it up a bit by pairing it with a high heel ankle boot instead of sneakers, a really cute bag and accentuate with some accessories. Cotton on has some really cute oversized jersey’s rn! I’ve got my eye on a few in every colour 😀


Style | Knitwear

by Thesocialunicorn
4. Biker Jacket

Add some edge to your winter wardrobe with a stylish biker jacket. This one has definitely been a wardrobe staple for years. I mean, I bought my biker jacket about 3 or 4 years ago at Truworths and I still get compliments on it. Every girl needs one to complete her winter wardrobe!


Style | Biker Jacket

by Thesocialunicorn
5. Snood

Last but not least, every girl needs a snood in their closet for winter! Not just a scarf. A snood! I have 3 and they’re so much better than scarfs (in my opinion), they’re easier to wear and you don’t have to keep fixing them or worrying about how you’re going to fold it on the day. Or maybe it’s just me? My scarves are forever almost falling off or hanging awkwardly…I just love how convenient a snood is.


Style | Snood

by Thesocialunicorn

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